Organize your threat reports, leverage intelligence

DocIntel is an open-source context-centric threat intelligence platform.

Empower your threat intelligence team.

Support your threat intelligence lifecycle

DocIntel is a centralized knowledge base for your threat intelligence. It makes information available to all team members, facilitate searches, and encourage collaboration. It replaces analyst’s folders ‘Reports’ and cybersecurity vendors information portals.


Automate the collection of threat intelligence reports as much as possible, from the mailboxes and privates portals.

Processing & Exploitation

Make processing faster and more efficient with automated pre-processing, tagging and better source managment.

Analysis & Production

Search easily in all your available threat knowledge, filter down to extract only the relevant results.


Proactively inform your CTI analysts and your stakeholders about the recently available intelligence.

Why it helps?

Key Features

Search & filter your reports

Quickly find the relevant information you need.

Organize your knowledge

Use tags to categorize the threat reports.

Track & rate your sources

Ensure that your team use reliable information.

Control the access

Don't leak information to illegitimate users.

A context-centric threat intelligence platform
for all your threat reports.

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