Getting Started

Source code and images

  • The source code is available on GitHub
  • The container images are available on DockerHub
  • If you have questions, ask the community on Slack


A script is available to help you install the application as easily as possible. The script will ask you a few questions and will create a docker-compose.yml file for you.

    curl -o

Check the configurations and the compose file. If you run the deployment on a separate machine, you might need to update ApplicationBaseURL in config/appsettings.json to match the IP address or domain name. You can then run the deployment with

    docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -p docintel-dev up -d

However, you would not be able to log in the platform. You need to create an account. We recommend creating a specific admin account that you don't use for your daily tasks.

    docker exec -it docintel-dev-webapp \
      dotnet /cli/DocIntel.AdminConsole.dll \
      user add --username admin
    docker exec -it docintel-dev-webapp \
      dotnet /cli/DocIntel.AdminConsole.dll \
      user role --username admin --role administrator

You can now login on http://localhost:5005.

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